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Overview and Background
To date, the Internet in general, and the World Wide Web in particular, has proven itself to be the most effective medium of information exchange the world has known. With already hundreds of millions of subscribers around the world, the Internet has succeeded in attaining the "Global Village" ideal .
As a medium, the Internet reflects all aspects of the world around us including education, commerce, the professional world, hobbies, entertainment, organization, research and development, among others.

Anigrafix & the Internet
With the increasing awareness of the advantages and potential of the Internet, more and more people are seeking a "web presence". Several companies have met this demand by providing home-pages to individuals and businesses. Unfortunately, to a significant degree, customers have been dissatisfied with the feedback and response to their web presence.
Anigrafix Ltd. has extensively researched all aspects of a Web presence and, together with our experience and expertise in this area, have reached the following

High-end pages are far more attractive and capture a higher level of attention.
A high-end presence may require a faster modem (28.800) and a relatively powerful computer (pentium). While this may be problematic for a slower, less powerful system (which can always resort to a lower-end text version), we have no doubt that we represent the new standard and trend evident on the Net. A high-end presence may be defined by its quality graphics, highly professional layout/design and effective structure.
Specialized pages yield better results.
The dynamics of a site set it apart from the static and dry bottom-end standard. It is quite simple to prepare and publish a page on the net by means of a wizard or user friendly editor. A professional site with the options of multimedia, animation and database linking , on the other hand, belongs in a different league altogether.
A product/service will only succeed with correct promotion.
Anigrafix has filled the gap of much needed Web presence promotion. Unfortunately, most site design/development businesses have ignored this vital element, believing that registration with several search engines and a few links will suffice! We have entered into working agreements with reputable, international Web promotion companies which will assist us in attaining the level of "the optimal site".
Customer involvement and participation are essential in the success of a site.
Anigrafix Ltd. runs frequent courses and workshops on the subjects of Internet, Internet Development and Internet Promotion. We encourage and support our customers to become "co-managers" in their Web presence.

Every customer has his/her own specific needs, demands and requirements. One may require the development of an intricate database of listed books in a library, for example, while another may require a simple promotional page of a specific product/service. A Web presence is not the same as a loaf of bread that has a fixed price; rather it may be likened to advertising that varies greatly from one advertisement to the next. Internet Web sites have been produced for no charge at all while there are examples of other sites that have exceeded $80,000. Our prices are based on the needs, requirements, and budget of our customers within the framework of the optimal Internet site.

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