The MPMC Concept

(Multi Purpose Media Creation)

It is clear beyond any shadow of doubt that On-line and Off-line computing have merged into one entity thanks to the Internet. All new software is Internet oriented and, in so doing, does away with the platform barrier.

Basing ourselves on IP (Internet Protocols) in general and HTML in particular we are in fact, in position to produce one product that until now would have been considered to be three.

Internet Homepages (Site development) :
- Regular type homepages
- Multimedia and high-end graphics/animated home pages
- Database linked pages

Intranet (Networks and Webface)
- Usage of IP off-line/Networks - HTML/Microsoft based.
- The single user may take advantage of working in a web environment.

Multimedia presentations
- Interactive & self running presentations including: 2D & 3D graphics animation, video, sound etc. Internet ready and stand alone CD productions.
The Multi Purpose Media Creation supplements the electronic media with its DTP (Desk Top Publishing) and printing ready features.

It makes sense to invest in one product with several relevant applications as opposed to several products. - There are only advantages!

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